Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bits of News Involving DC Comics and My Thoughts.

"Flashpoint" event to re-title some DC comics.
From what I have read, it seems the new DC comics event Flashpoint, where the various Flashes go to another world in which certain big events happened differently, will be re-naming and re-numbering certain comics. We've seen this with "Age of Apocalypse" so it isn't a new trick, and it sort of happened during "House of M" where comics kept their numbering and usually their titles, but took place in the alternate universe where mutants were the majority. I personally am not big on when a comic gets temporarily re-named and numbered, because it plays havoc with the collected editions, and when you try to put your own comics in order. Imagine if your comic suddenly changed names and went from issue #24 to #48 for a month or two and then suddenly jumped back. Would the next issue in the normal universe be #25, or would you count those alternate-tales and make the new release #26 or #27? It's just so confusing. At least during House of M comics kept their numbering--for the most part (there was the whole "District X" changing names thing).

Batwoman Comic Delayed.
Now it seems Batwoman's debut has been delayed from February to April. I think I speak for many people when I say, "Noooooo!" I suppose waiting for the amazing art of JH Williams III is worth it, however.

DC Comics Stops Using the Comics Code.
Remember back in the 1950s how comics had to pass strenuous rules to be considered safe for print by a volunteer agency created so the government wouldn't regulate comics? Would you believe it actually still has been in use, despite many independent publishers never using it and Marvel having dropped it some time ago? Yeah, DC was the last big name besides apparently Bongo Comics (Maker of Simpson comics) and Archie Comics [UPDATE: Bongo actually stopped using the code a year ago and Archie comics is stopping now too]. So yeah, I suppose this would be big news if it weren't for the fact no one even pays attention to the Comics Code Authority anymore.

J. Caleb Mozzocco Reviews "Justice League: Cry for Justice"
Not really news per se, but I really like the way he breaks down his review to illustrate just how unappealing this comic is.

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