Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm happy, my comic haul was good this week.

Just thought I'd share how I'm pleased with the comic items I got this week. Why was it a good pull? Let's list what gets me excited of what I got and how it looks promising, with some possible reviews to come from a few of these...

 Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #514
Since taking the reigns of Daredevil's book last issue, Black Panther--I assume--will continue dealing with new mob-boss Vlad. I liked the last issue despite not knowing anything by David Liss and hope this issue impresses as well.

Batman and Robin #19
Paul Cornell has been a doing a fill-in arc for B&R but despite its somewhat odd nature I'm looking forward to this issue.

Halcyon #3
I had good things to say about the first two issues and imagine things will only get more intriguing.

Deadpool #31
I admit it, I love the Daniel Way-written Deadpool comic even if much of the time it is pure silliness. Those moments of deep introspection that rarely happen are all the greater however, thanks to the otherwise wacky tone.

Ireedemmable #21
I've liked this series from the start, and despite some odd plot elements I still really enjoy it.

Justice League: Generation Lost #17
I have a weird affinity for Captain Atom and Max Lord so I picked this comic up when it began, and have been pleased ever since.

Heroes For Hire #2
The first issue rocked, I expect the 2nd to be equally snazzy.

X-Factor #213
I have loved this book since its first 50 issues, the re-numbering to 200, and expect to continue finding this fantastic. There is a reason I said it was the most consistently good comic I have read.

Dodgem Logic Magazine #6
Not really a comic, but I like Alan Moore's magazine he puts out and plan to put some reviews of the back-issues on my blog at some point.

Knight & Squire #4
Paul Cornell writing the British Batman and his side-kick? Yeah, that's a ticket for the train to awesome-town.

Thunder Agents #3
The first two issues were terrific, I hope this continues the trend.

Osborn #2
My favorite mini-series currently coming out, based on just the first issue alone. I am most excited for this and couldn't wait--after the 2-week delay due to a printing error I was quite sad. At least as sad as one can get about having to wait for the adventures of a fictional character.

There was also "Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #6" and the 10th issue of the vampire comic "Fevre Dream", but the first one has only been good and I don't get excited for it like I do the main Green Lantern title. The second is passable and I would have stopped reading it, but I was seven issues in when I thought of dropping it and was curious enough to stick around for the end in this issue.

So that's everything I got this week. It's a bit heavier than usual, since I cut back on comics awhile ago due to them costing me way too much money. I hope to review some of these and if there is one you really want my thoughts on, do please comment and I will try to review that one first so you can hear my opinion. I know you are dying to be made aware of what I like and don't like(in the alternate reality where people give a damn about what I think).

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