Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good News: That Mortal Kombat Short Movie is Being Expanded Upon.

I read some good news on Joystiq, that the Mortal Kombat-inspired short film/movie trailer/sales pitch will in fact now be made into a web-series. Back-story and the original flick after the cut...

Apparently the film was originally made as a way for the director Kevin Tancharoen to try and sell his Mortal Kombat movie idea to Warner Brothers. They unwisely passed, but their loss is the internet's gain. I loved the gritty-violent feel of the original trailer and thought the Kung Fu was quite well done and awesome. Plus it had Michael Jai White of the movie "Black Dynamite" who will be reprising his role as Jackson "Jax" Briggs for the series! I don't always like violent action movies unless they have some sort of message or are just over-the-top like "Crank", but this appeals to that young kid in me who loved the Mortal Kombat games even though he was way too young to be playing them. The aforementioned movie/trailer is below. Grab some popcorn and enjoy, but be warned, it is quite bloody!

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