Monday, January 10, 2011

Thoughts on DC, their new letter pages and smaller page-count.

DC comics has announced it is "Drawing the Line at $2.99" How cute a slogan. Observe:
Notice how the ad leaves out the fact that this also means the page-count is going down from 22 pages to 20. Yes, the comics are still cheap, but you're getting less story. What did I recently hear, though? Apparently letter pages will be coming back to their comics to help fill the gap. This may be a great plan, but Comics Alliance has a hilarious assortment of examples of why a letter page may not be a good idea. I personally like my comics to stay cheap and have found I read $3.99 comics less and less due to just not having a bunch of cash to blow on 22 pages for almost 4 bucks. Will I miss the 2 pages? Yes, probably. Am I happier at my comics remaining cheaper, however? Yes, I am.

I still read much more Marvel titles than DC and don't know nearly as much of DC continuity, but this pleases me. The question now is if this will pay off for DC or if Marvel mixed-bag of $2.99 for some comics and $3.99 for bigger-name comics will work better. Personally, despite my love for Marvel I'm thinking DC is going to be doing better, that's just me though.

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