Thursday, January 20, 2011

Some quick political thoughts--I promise a comic post later today.

Now for another political post despite the last post having been one too--and my trying to keep the focus on comics.

Remember when people said we had to support our President in a time of war? Back from 2001-2008? Whatever happened to all those people who said, "America, love it or leave it," and now seem to not love it, but instead of leaving it are saying they are going to, "Take the country back"?

Clinton was kind enough to give Bush his silence, while Al Gore didn't hesitate to say critical things. Bush was kind enough to say he would give Obama his silence, while Dick Cheney has been even more harsh in his opinions than Gore was. If this trend continues of former President's being quiet and polite, and Vice-Presidents getting meaner and meaner, does this mean that whenever we get our next president Joe Biden is going to go on T.V. frothing at the mouth saying this new President is the worst person in the world? I'd pay to see that.

Did Sarah Palin really have to bring back the terrible phrase, "Blood Libel, "reminding everyone of one of the numerous terrible lies that Jews have faced?

Florida has a bill making it illegal for doctors to even ask patients if they have a gun in their house--thereby allowing them to advise them on safety if they have children. Really Florida? You want another thing we make fun of you for besides being unable to vote, having a bunch of old people, and being America's wang (as the Simpson's put it)? Now the government is telling doctors what they can and can't do? Isn't that government intrusion into health-care?

Speaking of Dick Cheney, he has now said he would support some form of gun control despite having been a gun advocate? Namely, limiting automatic clips? This from the guy who voted against banning "cop-killer" bullets that penetrated body armor? Strange.

Back to Palin; why does she complain people want her to shut up, when all these news outlets invite her to appear but she refuses? Is it because she is afraid of a repeat of her disastrous interview with Katie Couric?

Also, Lawrence O Donnel sometimes is way too cocky in my opinion, but he really rips into Trent Franks and makes some good points about how we shouldn't have handguns with 31 clips when 10 clips would be fine. I'm not fully against guns, but have no problem limiting clips. Dick Cheney agrees with me too as mentioned above! Here's the clip of the interview with Franks:

That's all I've got for now, not that anyone will read this post. My comic ones get the views, these politics pieces get like, three, or so. The lack of comments must mean people agree with me or disagree so strongly they won't even acknowledge me. I don't think its the latter as I rip into the left and right.

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