Monday, January 17, 2011

Preview about how today will be full of posts.

I have a bunch of posts planned for today, one of which I accidentally already posted and had to delete so as not to mess up the way I planned each to appear. I will have the first ever post of my new bit "Let me get this straight" followed by another one later in the day, another batch of reviews of comics (as for which, you'll just have to wait and find out), and to kick-off the evening my review of two television shows' first episodes, which will be airing their second episodes tonight--thereby allowing you to ignore my advice about which to watch and which to skip. That will be total of four posts for the day (five if you count this preview).

Why so many posts today? Well, I wanted the T.V. show reviews to fall on the day of the next episodes, I wanted to get the comic reviews in as I wrote them a bit ago but wasn't sure when to schedule the post, and my two "Let me get this straight" bits are pretty short and very situation-specific to a degree that if I wait another day they'll be old news. That and they are political and barely anyone reads those posts anyways, most folk stick to my comics and movie reviews. I think Wednesday I'll either skip posting or just put up something short, funny, and/or stupid to at least give you something by me to read for the day, as I know all five of you dedicated readers can't go a day without me. I'm just kidding, I have no dedicated readers--Zing!

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