Thursday, December 14, 2023

"The Finals," is as Fun as it is Explosive!

I mentioned how the game, "The Finals," was surprise-released in a previous post about video-game news. Well, I have now tried it and it is quite fun! Putting aside some controversy about AI voiceovers that have soured some folks on the game (I agree with the criticisms even if the developer shrugs them off), "The Finals," is a real hoot. It is free to play with a battle pass you can buy for all sorts of cosmetic tweaks to your characters. That aspect is like, "Fortnite," and other elements make me think of, "Battlefield," and, "Payday." The point is how in a 3 vs 3 vs 3 match you all want to get a vault and cash it. Plus, the whole environment can be destroyed beautifully. This results in tons of explosive mayhem. There are three character classes and one--the Heavy--is basically dedicated to destroying stuff. The Light class zips around and is a bit of a glass cannon and the medium build can be altered to serve more as a healer, support class, or a solid all-around choice.

Matches are fast-paced and all the character classes have enough gizmos and gadgets that the action stays fresh. The destructible environment is conducive to trying different strategies too. A bunch of opposing players were blocking their cashout box in a building in one match I was playing so I simply went outside, walked around the building, and blew a hole in the wall, quite surprising the person on the other side whom I then jumped at and walloped! "The Finals," is just simply a lot of fun and while it is pretty early in the game's life to offer a true, "Review," plus I haven't played as much as some folks, I would say in regards to what I have played, it has been a 5 out of 5 stars-level of fun! If you've got a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X or a PC, give, "The Finals," a try!

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