Tuesday, December 5, 2023

"Grand Theft Auto VI," Has an Official Trailer

If you're online much at all you have probably seen it, and yes, they are indeed calling it, "Grand Theft Auto VI," as I expected but wasn't absolutely sure about. The trailer for what might be the most anticipated video-game ever in history so far was supposed to drop today in the morning, as Rockstar had teased, but it was leaking everywhere so it is out as of yesterday evening

Featuring a B-side by Florida native Tom Petty, the GTA VI trailer appears to confirm two main characters, the location being Vice City, and a whole lot of Florida-Man style satire coming this way. We're over a decade out since the last, "Grand Theft Auto," and the World it often parodies has changed immensely. It looks like the idea of internet streaming will play a pivotal role in the plot, however, with much of the trailer taking place over faux apps showing their video clips and streams. I've seen more and more discussion about how the developer, Rockstar, doesn't want to be seen as, "Punching down," in the humor while still mocking stuff and being funny. We will see how that goes without a doubt. Here is the trailer:

What really caught my eye--and maybe yours now that you've watched the trailer in case you'd somehow not seen it yet--was just how alive everything looked for being computer graphics. It's not quite in that uncanny valley realm of discomfort, but the way characters moved around just seemed eerily natural. The way characters walked, ran, sashayed, flipped their hair, or twerked--yes, even that--was astonishing within these brief 90 seconds or so we witness what will be GTA VI. There are plenty of vehicles too as this is a GTA, but random silly touches like alligators in swimming pools, a mudding event full of self-proclaimed hillbillies, or humorous billboards make this World really look lived-in and vividly real even if at its heart his is a spoof of America and amplifies what we would call, "Reality," to absurd and hilarious levels.

The trailer states how, "Grand Theft Auto VI," will be out in 2025--and when exactly in that year is unclear. This means we are due for a lot more to be revealed about the latest GTA over a lot of months. Will there be annoying microtransactions? How will online play work? Can we catch those alligators with nets ourselves? These questions and many more remain, but at least now GTA VI is official. Now we wait, and wait, and wait.

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