Monday, December 11, 2023

Sean Gunn Playing Maxwell Lord Could be Snazzy

Sean Gunn is a solid actor who has appeared in several films including, yes, ones directed by his brother, James Gunn. Sean is a good actor and his brother likes to cast him, which one can say involves nepotism but if the man is skilled in a role I don't have an issue with it. Hence, I'm not surprised that for the DC Film Universe which James Gunn is now helming (with Peter Safran), how Sean Gunn has been cast as a character. The interesting thing is that it is Maxwell Lord.

Lord is a fascinating person when written well. A man with a shrewd mind who also seems to think steps ahead of others, Lord was kind of a good guy before taking a villainous route in the 2000s and then being killed by Wonder Woman (it was a whole thing). He got better from being dead in, "Brightest Day," and erased the memories of others he ever existed and then there were reboots, and it's complicated. Anyways, before his heel turn Lord helped create the Justice League International and otherwise had some cool adventures. He was portrayed by the superb Pedro Pascal in, "Wonder Woman 1984," which I have not yet seen (I have a long backlog of stuff to watch) but I heard he was good in it even if the movie faced a somewhat cold reception overall from viewers. Now Sean Gunn shall be Maxwell Lord in the latest DC Cinematic realm/universe/whatever.

James Gunn seemed to confirm on social media his take on Maxwell Lord will not be especially villainous, so if Sean will be giving us the multilayered and clever Lord I'm all for that. Now we just wait as DC's film plans finally start to coalesce together with various pieces of casting news and projects getting moving as the writing and acting strikes are over. Once Sean Gunn graces our silver screens as Maxwell Lord we'll be able to draw our final conclusions!

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