Monday, December 4, 2023

Comixology Has Been Dismantled/Killed/Turned into Parts

The 2014 version of myself was right about a lot of things and wrong about a lot of things, that much I can say looking back to then from 2023. I knew back then I loved my now-wife and wanted to be with her forever--that was a smart assessment. I also thought that it wasn't a big deal Amazon acquired Comixology and the platform would be just fine. Anyways, as of today, December 4th, 2023, what remained of Comixology's already heavily dismantled form was buried in a shallow grave out back with other popular apps big corporations acquired and destroyed--I believe its plot is next to, "Vine." 

Yes, over a long period of time, Amazon slowly took apart anything that made Comixology good to the point where the app/site sucked to use and then was little more than a shuffling shell/zombie of itself. Now, Amazon has completely killed Comixology and folded it into their Kindle stuff--confusing many. Comixology was a bit of a monopoly that another pseudo-monopoly acquired so this isn't necessarily a tale of the, "Little guy," being hurt by big business. It's just big business all around doing what large corporations do best, consume and destroy in the name of profit. Still, it is a bummer and I request you imagine a collage of virtual comic panels flashing by in an, "In Memoriam," segment as Sarah McLachlan sings, "I will remember you," and a single solitary tear streams down our cheek. Just please hold your applause until the end, it's awkward when some things get louder claps than others.

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