Thursday, December 28, 2023

Spider-Man's Clones Are Going to Fight in Summer 2024

Before all the different universes existed with a wide range of Peter Parker's, Miles Morales', Gwen Stacy's, and so forth, the hot thing was giving Peter Parker clones. The two most notable clones to ever be produced from good ol' Peter would be Ben Reily and Kaine. Ben was the Scarlet Spider for a bit, the main Spidey at points, and recently became evil--insert scary thunderclap here--and goes by Chasm. Depending on who's been writing Kaine, he has been slowly dying from his cells being unstable, acting as a hero in Houston Texas going by the name Scarlet Spider too (it is a popular title), and otherwise popping up in Spidey-related events. Speaking of such a thing, it seems Ben and Kaine are going to fight in an upcoming event/mini-series/something.

On Christmas day Marvel teased that something was coming with Chasm/Ben and Kaine. Apparently titled, "Chasm: Curse of Kaine," it'll feature the clones going to head-to-head, one would think. What else the focus will be is a mystery. This could be some kind of event, a mini-series, or something else. It could even end up with Ben and Kaine working together to fight some bigger problem like a buddy-cop movie where the two people don't like each other at first but then learn to get along. Nobody knows for sure, but if you grew up in the 1990s like me then you get a nice twinge of nostalgia for Spider-Man clones in the same way kids today love all the multiversal Spideys. I imagine as we near the Summer of 2024 more answers will be forthcoming about what exactly this is. Till then, we shall wait!

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