Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Television Tuesday: "A Very Demi Holiday Special," is Relaxing Fun

I am a fan of Demi Lovato and enjoy a good deal of her tunes (note: she was going by they/them pronouns at one point but has now expressed she prefers she/her pronouns once more so I'm using those). When I saw she had an hour-long holiday show on the Roku channel I was intrigued. Titled, "A Very Demi Holiday Special," it is a fun 60 minutes of Demi singing some Christmas tunes, a few of her hits, and having several other famous friends hang out and make ugly sweaters, do some cooking, and so forth. It's very breezy and lighthearted, as one would hope a holiday special would be. Plus--and props to her for this--anytime Demi or a friend sing a song they sing it live, there is no lip-syncing. In an era where so much stuff is lip-synced or autotuned to Hell and back it is frankly impressive to see Demi and just a pianist or some backup singers hitting those high notes with nary a machine assisting.

My favorite part of the special would be when Demi and Trixie Mattel do a bit of the Nutcracker Ballet with all of an hour of training and tell countless jokes throughout the whole process, but the whole show is pretty darn fun and cute. As it is a part of Roku it is free with ads, so I'd recommend giving it a viewing!

5 out of 5 stars.

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