Thursday, December 21, 2023

Why Hack a Video-Game Company Other Than if You're a Jerk?

Hackers could be doing good deeds. They could expose shady politicians, find when businesses are committing fraud, or stuff like that. Instead, a chunk of hackers seem to prefer breaking into the files of video-game companies and leaking years of their plans along with employees' personal information. No, I'm not talking about what happened with, "Half-Life 2," years ago. I'm not even talking about when, "Grand Theft Auto VI," first leaked. I'm not talking about any of the other ransomware attacks either like Capcom faced (you may see a trend). This time I'm talking about the game developer Insomniac and how they were hacked.

Almost 2 terabytes of data were stolen including gameplay footage of the upcoming, "Wolverine," title, plans for other games like a Venom-centric one, and more. As Nicole Carpenter of Polygon puts it, this is "Unprecedented," in the scale and sheer volume of what was hacked. As I said, it isn't just gaming data, but hundreds of employees were essentially doxxed with HR files, scanned passports, and more out in the wind. Hacking a game company is dumb, it is evil, and you just hurt others and gain basically nothing besides information about stuff before it is ready to be officially shared. Use your hacking skills for good, not evil.

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