Tuesday, December 19, 2023

James McCaffrey AKA The Voice of Max Payne Has Passed Away

Many times on my blog I've written about my extreme fondness for the, "Max Payne," games. I love all three (2 is my favorite though) and one big element that made the games so fantastic had to be Payne himself and his voice--provided by James McCaffrey. McCaffrey also voiced Alex Casey, a Max Payne caricature of sorts in the, "Alan Wake," series (developed by the same studio behind the Max Payne titles, Remedy). McCaffrey also starred in a variety of live-action roles including the popular series, "Rescue Me." Sadly, he has passed from multiple myeloma, a type of cancer.

Everyone who ever worked with McCaffrey has been singing his praises and I know the voice of Max Payne simply would have never been the same without him always there to provide the signature mix of noir-growl-meets-self-aware-wink. James McCaffrey was 65 and is survived by his wife and daughter.

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