Friday, December 29, 2023

Odd Comic Trend of the Year: Marvel Killing and Immediately Bringing Back Characters--2023 in Review

Look, death in comic-books is basically never permanent. Almost any character that, "Dies," comes back at some point with it revealed they were resurrected/now from another universe/faked their death/etc. That said, usually, companies will at least take some months or years between a character biting the dust and bringing them back. Not anymore.

A lot shifted a bit with a lot of mutant characters during the recent (and apparently soon to end) Krakoan era as mutants now can die and easily be resurrected with little issue. It made thematic sense...and then characters who supposedly weren't mutants suddenly were and could die and come back. The Scarlet Witch sorta made sense in 2021, and then Marvel made a huge deal out of killing Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel this year with a mini-series featuring her new mutant status being solicited before the metaphorical body was even cold.

It isn't even just mutants. Marvel started hinting at how Moon Knight was going to die, confirmed it with a series cancellation to go with his death, then without a moment's pause announced the, "Vengeance of the Moon Knight," series to immediately follow. Marvel seems to like killing their heroes only to have them come right on back. Death in comics already didn't mean much, but now heroes are staying dead shorter than between my coffee runs this year. I guess we will see what 2024 holds regarding heroes' life and death.

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