Saturday, December 9, 2023

Various Bits of Video-Game News Have Occured

A lot of video-game news has occurred. Part of this is due to how the latest, "Game Awards," occurred the other night (even if some were quite critical of it as an actual awards show and not just a trailer showcase). For example, I was intrigued to hear Hideo Kojima has teamed with fantastic director Jordan Peele to give us a game called, "OD." Plus, I loved,"Crazy Taxi," as well as, "Jet Set Radio," back in the day so hearing Sega is bringing those back is really cool. The folks behind, "No Man's Sky," revealed, "Light No Fire," which would be a fantasy game on a planet the size of our actual Earth, somehow. The show also announced a, "Blade," video-game starring the titular vampire hunter from Marvel's Comics. If they do a game well with him that could be awesome.

Besides the, "Game Awards," other stuff has occurred in the realm of gaming. Everyone now is aware of the (official) announcement of, "Grand Theft Auto VI," to name what might be the biggest gaming news this week. Other interesting stuff has trickled out too. The super-delayed, "Skull and Bones," supposedly has an actual and concrete release date of February 16th, 2024. Oh, an incredibly hyped zombie game called, "The Day Before," was released and everyone hates it. Headlines have said the whole thing was a lie when it came to trailers and that it is a, "Dumpster fire." Another game actually had a surprise launch, however, and folks are digging it. Called, "The Finals," it is a big multiplayer arena shooter with a super destructive environment, and hearing it is free to play (it has cosmetic micro-transactions like other popular internet games) makes me pretty intrigued. As can be seen, a lot has happened with gaming lately. Now the issue is just finding the time to try all these games out!

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