Sunday, December 17, 2023

That SNL, "Pongo," Segment Was Amazing

"Saturday Night Live," is always hit-or-miss with a lot of an episode's quality often riding on the host. That said, last night a longtime alum (Kate McKinnon) was back and she brought, "The jokes," for sure. My favorite bit of the night wasn't even a live one, however. It was the filmed segment about a new toy/pet named, "Pongo." It starts out quirkily enough on Christmas day with this weird claymation-looking thing advertised as the perfect pet because he requires basically nothing. Then the sketch keeps taking weirder and darker turns before in less than 5 minutes we've morphed into a piece of thrilling and hilarious, "Cosmic horror," as one site put it. Check the bit out for yourself and see:

Sarah Sherman plays the mother in the sketch and has seemed to figure heavily into the weirder bits on the show lately. It wouldn't surprise me if she had a major hand in writing/directing/etc. this ad for, "Pongo." I'll always take a weird SNL sketch over a boring one, and this is definitely weird and very funny!

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