Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Food of the Year: Pizza--2023 in Review

I ate a lot of pizza this year--maybe a little more than I should have. Oftentimes I'm really into chicken tenders or wings, and I still am, but pizza was just really sounding good on multiple occasions this year. Whether it was from a big chain, small chain, or little local place, pizza was my favorite. I generally liked it with bacon and/or sausage (beef-free due to my allergies, of course), but I was open to a variety of pizza styles be they with chicken and jalapenos, Hawaiian, buffalo chicken, or even a dessert pizza. One other really cool thing about pizza this year was our older child, Clarkson, started liking to eat it despite sometimes be a bit picky about food. He loves to rip the toppings and cheese off and leave the faceless crust behind, which is kind of funny. Whatever works for him is cool though and clearly, we're a household that enjoys pizza!

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