Monday, December 18, 2023

Marvel Has Fired Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors had gotten tons of press as an amazing up-and-coming talent. He also was to play a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kang. Then a whole lot of domestic violence allegations came about and a lot of people dropped him from talent agencies or movies as it looked awful for Majors. However, Marvel took a wait-and-see approach while carefully tying up a lot of Kang stuff in the most recent season of, "Loki," with some apparent rewrites if Majors needed to be let go. Well, Majors was found guilty of domestic violence in a court of law, and an hour later or so, Marvel fired him

A lot of things can't stop Kang in the comics because he is practically immortal, but in the real world, it just takes a legal ruling for the character to disappear. That may sound a bit glib, but Majors literally had so much in his hands and it all seeped out like loose sand due to his poor choices. He was getting rave reviews for other roles and was basically the new big bad at Marvel with a movie featuring Kang's name. Now, he's a convicted felon facing prison time for assaulting his girlfriend. How this will impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen (I've seen suggestions that we could get a recast of Kang or Marvel just introduces other villains ASAP like Doctor Doom), but that's all the commercial stuff. On a personal level, I hope Majors can find help for his behaviors that led to this downfall and that anyone he's harmed can find peace and healing.

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