Friday, December 8, 2023

Taylor Swift is Time Magazine's Person of the Year for 2023 and That Sounds About Right

Taylor Swift has been crowned as Time Magazine's Person of the Year. I agree except for one aspect. You see, Taylor Swift is not just a person. Taylor Swift is a brand, and she is a juggernaut of one. Swift simply goes somewhere for a concert and supplies that location with millions of dollars as a boost to the economy. A Taylor Swift album streams at wild levels and even physical copies get bought in an era where folk's don't usually purchase a physical LP. Her concert movie sells out showings upon showings. Folks pay a ton of money to go to a football game with her boyfriend (Travis Kelce), hoping she'll show up and they'll see a glimpse of her. John Lennon once infamously said jokingly that the Beatles were more popular at a particular moment in time than Jesus. Well, Taylor Swift probably has more people hanging onto her every word right now than Jesus did when he was alive--one would hope things go better for her than Jesus though, things ended kinda roughly for the guy.

Lots of people adore Swift and even a lot of her former haters eventually came around (including me if you look at all my posts about her). In 2023 she was basically everywhere, so it makes sense why Time Magazine made her the most notable aspect of this year. Plenty of major events happened and other notable folks made an impact (Beyonce, to name another big celeb), but through it all there's been Swift. Yes, Taylor Swift is almost more of her own business conglomerate than an individual at this point, with no sign of slowing down. One only hopes as she gains even more fame, money, and power she is a benevolent ruler upon uniting everyone on Earth and assuming the title of our planet's queen. I guess time will tell.

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  1. OMG, David!! I am so over Taylor. I cannot believe you got sucked into her orbit!!