Wednesday, December 6, 2023

"Cornmother," is an Impressively Creepy Tale

I always love reading the latest upcoming releases from Blue Fox Comics and when they reached out to let me know about, "Cornmother." A Kickstarter campaign will launch soon for this 32-page one-shot by Alexandra Leda which draws upon ancient harvest superstitions. The comic follows a young girl named Ruth who observes a doll of some sort made out of corn in the barn. Then things get eerie as the cornfield seems to want Ruth for some ominous reason.

Leda does a superb job with this comic as a feeling of being ill-at-ease permeates the whole thing. The artwork in particular imparts a creepy vibe as cute little Ruth seems to encounter a dark force that could possibly mean her serious harm. The way the imagery of the cornstalks fill and shift around the pages feels as intrusive to us readers as if we were in an actual thick field of corn. It's impressive and scary!

"Cornmother," will have a Kickstarter to fund the comic that launches sometime this month (I am not sure of the exact launch date). I would highly recommend backing the comic once you have a chance as this is a superbly scary story worth checking out!

5 out of 5 stars.

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