Saturday, September 16, 2023

They Announced a New, "Vengeance of the Moon Knight," Series Before He's Even Officially Dead

Marc Spector AKA Moon Knight will be killed off in issue 30 of the current, "Moon Knight," comic. That issue is not even out yet but Marvel has announced the same creative team will do, "Vengeance of the Moon Knight," right after the current series ends. Yeah.

Let me first say that I am happy Jed Mackay and Alessandro Cappuccio will be creating a, "New," comic featuring Moon Knight. The 30 total issues of, "Moon Knight," that will have been released (and some other random ones that tie in with events) will be remembered as fantastic. That said, it is funny how Marvel keeps killing off characters only to quickly announce they're back in a new comic. Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel had barely been dead when it was revealed she was a mutant and a new comic with her then kicked off. Moon Knight isn't even dead yet and we've had it announced he'll be back in a new comic. That said, it is seemingly being indicated we won't have Marc Spector under the cowl in a newly redesigned costume, so that is intriguing.

I don't get why we need to end the current, "Moon Knight," run to do another volume of, "Vengeance of the Moon Knight." I guess enough is changing thematically with the comic that it makes sense and Marvel (along with other publishers if we're being fair) loves relaunching books with new #1s to try and bump up sales. Quibbles aside, I am excited for more Moon Knight-related content from Mackay and Cappuccio, as I said. It'll be a good time.

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