Wednesday, September 27, 2023

"Predator Versus Wolverine," #1 is a Fun Start to a Wacky Story

Disney and by proxy, Marvel, acquired the licenses to both the, "Alien," and, "Predator," franchises. This resulted in some fun variant covers featuring heroes fighting those characters and comics separate from the Marvel Universe. However, the first official crossover has dropped where a Predator and Wolverine have a fight spanning over a century. Fittingly titled, "Predator Versus Wolverine," I believe this is in the regular Marvel continuity. Now the Predator exists in the 616 Universe so that's fun. This debut issue opens in the present day before spending a good chunk of time in 1900 or so and then jumping to when Wolverine was part of a mysterious assassin squad with other mutants such as Sabretooth and closing on a cliffhanger. I enjoyed the issue as it was fun to watch Wolverine and a Predator fighting in a brutal manner. Writer Benjamin Percy writes a good yarn, after all.

My one issue would be how the segment in the long-ago past is illustrated by Greg Land. That is a huge bummer as out of all the comic artists working today he's one of those few artists whose work I actively avoid--I have not read a comic when I know he's doing the art. That said, he isn't the artist for the entire issue so I managed to muddle through his segment. It was fun witnessing Wolverine and a Predator quarreling throughout the comic and Greg Land's art aside I enjoyed the issue. I look forward to seeing more of Logan and the space creature going at it as the series continues!

4 out of 5 stars.

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