Sunday, September 24, 2023

This September Had a Stellar ToyMan Show!

I try to attend any ToyMan show that I can because there is always so much awesome stuff to see and buy! Today's show was no exception, as it was loaded to the gills with awesome vendors, wonderful creators/crafters selling their wares, and was incredibly fun to attend. When I first walked in I saw my good friend Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles. He was chatting with another chum of mine, Tom of Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games. I proceeded on to see John Chaffee and we talked about how things had been going at Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles. I checked out all the cool toys and comic slabs Vince from VK Toys had and discussed how he'd been busy at various shows and auctions. Over at the Tatertot Comics booth, I was able to do some trading and acquired an awesome comic in a swell deal! I now own a copy of, "World's Finest," #153, which is famous for the meme it inspired of Batman slapping Robin. Give it a look:

I went upstairs where I saw a number of great folks. I was able to catch up with Jessica Mathews about her latest books and how buy life had been! I was overjoyed to see Debbie Manbe Kupfer too and talk about how her projects had been going. The delightful Lindsay Hornsby was present at the show as well and it was great to see her! The Heroes for Kids booth was raising funds as always and continues to be an organization worth supporting. Finally, I met author Kathy L. Brown and bought a copy of her book, "The Big Cinch," which she described as a noir mystery mixed with supernatural elements such as ghosts. I thought that sounded really neat! We also talked about how we both enjoy blogging online--you can check her site out at this link. Here is a picture of the book:

 Today's ToyMan Show continued to illustrate why I always look forward to attending the event: There is tons of awesome stuff to browse--a big selling point. Plus, there are many wonderful authors/artists/etc. to chat with and buy the works of to support. ToyMan is always a feast for the eyes to witness all the comics, toys, games, books, and so forth in booths. I always am astounded by all the wares for sale. The next ToyMan isn't until November 5th, so there is plenty of time to mark your calendars and start planning a fun time!

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