Sunday, September 10, 2023

I Will Say it Again: Most Old VHS Tapes Are Of Little Financial Value

I am a fan of collecting, "Old," media. I have vinyl records, cassette tapes, and VHS tapes. Some VHS tapes out there could be considered valuable and hard to find--mostly obscure horror titles. However, many clickbait articles falsely claimed worthless Disney, "Black Diamond," VHS tapes were worth thousands despite being easy to find at their shops for pennies on the dollar. I covered this in 2019 and it holds true today, VHS tapes are great fun but often of little-to-no monetary value. Now I see so-called, "Influencers," on Tiktok spreading B.S. rumors about VHS tapes and I can conclude this really is a neverending cycle. 

The aforementioned TikTok concerns a rare-ish VHS version of, "Cars," which does have value--it does! That said, a number of supposed sales for absurd money seem to be fake, and you could only get the, "Cars," VHS via a mail-order Disney club thing. The odds are you have a 99.9% chance of finding all the worthless tapes at a thrift shop and a .01% chance of finding, "Cars," on VHS as it was indeed quite rare. Don't think all those random tapes have a cash value, even if you get them graded in the same way other collectibles are getting graded. Seeing as I've graded my comics I can't really dismiss VHS grading without sounding hypocritical. Still, I'll grade a comic to preserve it and understand doing it with some very rare VHS tapes, but why folks are grading cheap mass-market VHS tapes escapes me. Enjoy your tapes, people, and accept most of them lack monetary value but are still worthwhile in terms of being entertaining. It actually is a lot like comic-books considering how many of those are relegated to dollar bins in the same manner as tapes, now that I think about it. Funny how that works, isn't it?

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