Thursday, September 21, 2023

NFTs are Good For One Thing--They Taught Me What a Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Balloon Costs

NFTs have always been a terrible idea as they take one awful concept--cryptocurrency--and elaborate on it in even worse ways. NFTs were at one point seemingly, "Worth," money but a large number have been cratering and plenty have a value of maybe zero dollars now, according to new research. It's not all horrific news, however! There is going to be an NFT themed for a, "Cool Cat," this Thanksgiving, so yah?

"Cool Cats," are supposedly popular with the poor suckers who buy into NFTs and people could vote via a Macy's sponsored blockchain or some nonsense on the best one to have a balloon. It won and Comicsbeat's Heidi MacDonald wrote about how these balloons can cost $120,000-$300,00 and that's before the costs like costumes, helium, and manpower. Apparently, the amount of helium used for these massive balloons can cost $500,00 so to have a balloon in the Macy's Day parade will easily run you $750,00 to a million bucks. I didn't realize a balloon could cost so much and have NFTs to at least thank for learning something new. Plus, a Macy's Thanksgiving Day balloon is an actual tangible object, unlike an NFT. I suppose the looks of confusion on everyone's face when this balloon goes by will be worth every penny?

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