Saturday, September 23, 2023

Edwardsville Illinois Has Some Cool Stuff!

We recently went to Edwardsville Illinois for a mini-trip, which was really fun! We saw some family who were in the area too and it worked to meet up in Edwardsville. For our lodgings, we tried Airbnb and it worked out really well! We found a really cool barn loft a bit outside Edwardsville that happened to be above a recording studio called Outsider Audio. It was a lovely space and we enjoyed staying there. While out and about in Edwardsville we stopped at Otherside Games. I called and found out they also did comics so I stopped by there. An employee named Alex helped me over to the comic back issues and I enjoyed digging within them.

Sacred Grounds
Near Otherside Games was a cool coffee shop called Sacred Grounds. It had some delicious baked goods and coffee. We also stopped by the We Rock the Spectrum of Edwardsville to check it out having also loved the one near our house in Fenton. 

After Clarkson played a bunch at the kids' gym we went to a nearby restaurant named Chappy's. It had been recommended to us so we stopped there for dinner. Chappy's was really tasty and I loved the chicken sandwich I had. We got back to Saint Louis earlier today and quite loved our mini-trip to Edwardsville. If you ever get out that way make sure to visit some of the places I mentioned!

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