Monday, September 18, 2023

My Hope Springs Eternal for, "Titanfall 3," to be a Real Thing

"Titanfall 2," was a fantastic game. It had a superb single-player mode that was creative in its story of a man and his big mech-robot-thing called a, 'Titanfall." The multiplayer mode was some of the most fun I ever had playing a game online with other folks. It was my favorite game of 2016 and I continue to remember it fondly. There have always been rumblings of a, "Titanfall 3," possibly happening, but they always are for naught.  The company behind the series, Respawn, has their very popular game, "Apex Legends," now and it is a battle royale-style title. I tried it and found it wasn't for me. I keep on dreaming for, "Titanfall 3," to happen, and now we have the latest go-around before my hopes are crushed.

"Titanfall 2," can still be played online and the matchmaking was actually just updated. Plus, "Apex Legends," had a patch with little easter eggs in the form of hidden dates and code words that have folks convinced that, "Titanfall 3," is actually on the way. I know it is foolish to get excited about the possibility of this game only to end up disappointed, again, but I am prepared to believe again even if my yearning is for naught. Dreamers gotta dream, even if it is a long shot.

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