Thursday, September 7, 2023

Tyrese Gibson's Latest Music Imparts How Badly His Divorce Is Going

Tyrese Gibson is a skilled singer and a great actor too. He is currently going through a nasty divorce and if you listen to his music you really know it getting ugly. When I reviewed the album, "Strength of a Woman," by Mary J. Blige back in 2017, I discussed how it told a story about her own fraught relationship with a partner. Tyrese's recent output of tunes definitely tells a tale too. There was, "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me," which based on the title alone says a lot. Over a sad melody and Lenny Kravitz absolutely shredding the guitar Tyrese shares how an unnamed woman left when times got tough and basically did him wrong. 

The woman is unquestionably a wife he is having a whole lot of legal issues with regarding their divorce. Samantha Lee Gibson is the lady's name, and in the courts, Tyrese has said she only ever wanted money from him. She's argued they were in love and she is due child support for their daughter. The couple got married in 2017, started divorce proceedings in September of 2020, and now it is September 2023. At this rate, the couple is going to spend more time getting divorced than being happily married. Gibson has a new song called, "Love Transaction," and it is all about the current arguments over money. He's expressed he plans to marry his current girlfriend, Zelie Timothy, one divorced from his current wife, and Gibson's upcoming album, "Beautiful Pain," releases sometime this year. I'd imagine it is going to be a pretty intense LP based on what he's released lately.

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