Sunday, September 17, 2023

"Avengers Inc." #1 Kicks off a Fun New Series!

Al Ewing is a stellar writer and Leonard Kirk is a fantastic artist. They have come together to bring us a new detective-styled take on the Avengers titled, "Avengers Inc." The first focuses on Janet Van Dyne AKA the Wasp as she tries to solve a murder mystery. The first big twist is folks are not as murdered as they might seem, but then some other fun occurrences happen with even more questions being raised. Plus, we got a surprise guest at the end that piqued my interest. If I may spoil the last-minute reveal, it seems Hank Pym might be back and finally is no longer stuck in that weird body-and-mind-meld with Ultron (it was a whole thing that started back in 2015). A man claiming to be Vic Shade appears too, but he was an alias of Vision in the past, so what exactly is going on? We don't know, but I'm excited to find out.

I'm a fan of mystery yarns and would also argue that Janet Van Dyne is often underutilized within the comics as a fascinating character with a rich backstory that deserves mining (she is a founding Avenger, after all). Ewing's writing fires on all cylinders as normal and Leonard Kirk's art is just stupendous. When a big fight scene breaks out in the middle of the comic with a bunch of characters a lesser artist would probably struggle to make it anything other than a big muddled mess, but Kirk keeps things clear and easy to follow.

The debut issue of, "Avengers Inc." has definitely piqued my interest. Between Ewing and Kirk it is a great read and looks gorgeous. I am excited to see where this story goes as the various mysteries that have been raised are explored!
5 out of 5 stars.

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