Sunday, November 13, 2022

November 2022's ToyMan Show Was Wildly Fun!


I went to the ToyMan Show today and it was a fantastic time, just as always! I started the show off chatting with my good friend John Chaffee of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles. I then said hello to my chum Tim Metzger as well as Brian Lan and had a great time chatting with Spike Forester from Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles. Tom from Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games had a ton of cool stuff for sale as well. Vince of VK Toys had an assortment of goodies he was selling, and Toys of Our Youth brought some great stuff too. I also had a great time chatting with and checking out the comics Larry of Bug's Comics and Games brought.

I went upstairs and saw my friend, author Jessica Mathews, had her latest book available for purchase! Titled, "The Lazy Werewolf," it can be seen above. I was ecstatic to buy a copy for my son as her books are always fantastic. I also met author Diana Morgan who had her publication, "Alliances: Lost Colony Book 1," for sale. The always-awesome Linsday Hornsby of Mega Giganto had a ton of neat creations for sale and I purchased a super cool print of a hammerhead shark-unicorn creature that she illustrated for a game called Sharktoberfest. check it out:

The good folks of Heroes for Kids from Perryville were in attendance, raising money for great causes. I met resin artist, Amy Rodis of 99 Projects, upstairs at well, her creations were really neat! There were just so many awesome folks at this latest Toyman Show and it always is astounding just how much sheer stuff there is. From toys, to comics, Legos, diecast cars, Funko Pops, DVDs, crafts, and almost anything else you can think of, ToyMan is loaded to the gills with goodies. I can't wait for the next show (and the last one of 2022) on December 11th! I hope to see you there!

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