Wednesday, November 9, 2022

My Friend Larime Taylor Has a Very Cool and Very NSFW Kickstarter For Their New Comic!

I've written before about my friend, Larime Taylor (please excuse how old posts use he/him pronouns, they've since come out as nonbinary). They are a fantastic artist and were behind the stellar, "A Voice in the Dark," comic that was published by Image/Top Cow. They also are disabled and actually draw via their mouth. Taylor has a new Kickstarter they've done with their partner, Sylv, that is both raunchy and quite political, taking aim at how often stories about disabled people are, "Inspiration porn."  It is titled, "Sex on Wheels," and it looks quite cool. 

In the Kickstarter campaign for, "Sex on Wheels," which you can find linked here, Taylor discusses how with their partner Sylv, they've found how in many stories when it comes to disabled characters "They exist solely to inspire the characters around them and the audience. They're usually a little brother or sister, very often infantilized and made 'pure' and 'innocent', and almost never have a love life. They are there to teach other characters about themselves and inspire them to do and be better. Quite frankly, it's all ableist bulls***." Taylor aims to show how disabled people have hopes, dreams, flaws, addictions, and a sex drive just like everyone else, and they will be doing it with the, "Sex on Wheels," series they wrote with Sylv and then they drew as it follows the story of a young disabled woman named Morning Glory/Mo. Mo is an artist who drinks, swears, has sex, and otherwise lives a normal life in this comic that aims to explore, "Gender identity, disabled beauty, and disabled sexuality." 

Taylor has zero hesitation about putting it all out there as the preview artwork shows for some of the more explicit scenes in the comic although it is by no means intended to be pornographic so much as," nakedly," honest, so to speak. As a fan of Taylor's work I am excited to have backed, "Sex on Wheels," and would encourage anyone who isn't too prudish to check the Kickstarter out and consider backing it too (here's that link again). It is already fully funded so clearly other folks out there are eager for a story that is going to unabashedly touch on topics that other pieces of fiction seem to avoid or outright ignore. I look forward to this debut issue and planned future ones for sure!

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