Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Whatnot Has Added an Arts and Crafts Category, Which is Quite Neat!

I have discussed how I enjoy buying items on Whatnot from comics to old VHS tapes, vintage toys, clothes, and so forth. They've got some cool categories. I also have a great time selling on Whatnot (I generally just sell comics). I was intrigued to see Whatnot sent a text about how they have now added the arts and crafts category to make it even easier for people to sell homemade items. Observe:

Now, I'm sure Whatnot has to officially say this has nothing to do with what any competitors are doing. Whatnot would say they just want to let people who make cool craft products sell their wares on their app. Unofficially, the timing is absolutely perfect for Whatnot to do this, however, as everyone is really, really mad at a certain site/app. This site/app has been known as the place for homemade and vintage items. Yeah, I'm talking about Etsy.

Etsy has continuously upset sellers over recent years. They pushed for sellers to offer free shipping as long as folks spent a certain amount--whether sellers liked that idea or not. They raised fees in 2018 too. Now in 2022, they plan to raise fees even more and sellers are ready to basically strike in response. It's been a bad look for Etsy and I wouldn't be surprised if folks consider Whatnot an attractive option to sell their goods. I'm a huge fan of Whatnot and I'd welcome more sellers and buyers for sure. It's going to be a long week for Etsy as sellers go on vacation mode/strike from the 11th-18th. We'll see if Whatnot sees a surge of users during that time--users who could very well stick around for the foreseeable future!


  1. I can't post hand made items because it want a bar code. Very frustrating. I don't have a bar code 😕 it's "hand made"

    1. That is annoying! I'd see if Whatnot can fix that weird oversight.