Sunday, April 3, 2022

I Tried the New Chef's Chicken Sandwich at Panera and Have Opinions

I have kept my eyes on the chicken sandwich wars since they really heated up in 2019 (no pun intended) and various entities tried making their own version (McDonald's was meh). Now even Panera (or as it is called around here, Saint Louis Bread Company) has created its own signature and spicy chicken sandwiches. I gave the regular one a trial with my tastebuds and it was good...but not great.

The Chef's Chicken Sandwich comes with a piece of chicken, some lettuce, little parmesan crisps, and garlic aioli. I got mine without the aioli as I generally don't enjoy it. That said, the sandwich was solid. The chicken is pleasant, the parmesan crisps add some nice crunch, and I found the sandwich a nice little dish. I wasn't utterly amazed, however. When I eat Popeye's version of the sandwich I find it so darn delicious I don't care if all the grease and such upsets my tummy. Panera's sandwich is lovely but you aren't going to text anyone about how great it was. Should you be at Panera and after something a little different, the Chef's Chicken Sandwich should hit the spot. I'll try the spicy one sometime soon although the only difference between them is some buffalo sauce is added. That might compliment everything nicely, however. As it stands, this sandwich is a solid-if-unremarkable...

3 out of 5 stars.

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  1. I bought 2 of these sandwiches at 4pm at the East Peoria store. We went thru the drive up window. Paid for our food, $22 and went home. Opened the buns and all it was is chicken, 3 pieces of greens, no sauce, no chips!! I looked at photos and our sandwiches were naked!!! Its the first food I've bought from Panera in several years...I won't go back after this...they weren't busy at excuse 😕