Thursday, January 20, 2022

Advance Review: "Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine," is a Fantastic Blend of Art and Poetry

Nick Francis Potter is the author behind, "Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine," which will be published by Driftwood press this March. It's a collection of Potter's works of comics-meets-poetry. Some of his pieces read a bit like a poem that has had art added ("Vacationing," for example), and others incorporate the poetry and art in fascinating ways such as, "Look Stop Have Haircut My Hair Maybe." One poetic comic piece is quite political and funny, "After the President," which clearly riffs on how terrible a Commander in Chief Donald Trump was.

"Big Gorgeous Jazz Machine," is a fantastic read and I would recommend it to fans of indie comics as well as poetry. It melds the art forms via increasingly interesting ways throughout the book and I enjoyed it immensely. When it comes out in March of this year I'd encourage folks to check it out!

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