Friday, March 26, 2021

Going (Band)Camping: Tenth Edition

 Wow, after this post I'll have done 10 of these? That's pretty cool. I've been enjoying spotlighting the interesting stuff I find on Bandcamp and I hope everyone had been liking my posts. As always, my reviews will have links to the albums so you can listen and then agree or disagree with my opinions. Without further delay...

Dante Elephante--Mid-Century Modern Romance

I was introduced to the soulful R&B of Dante Elephante by my subscription to VNYL as some of his stuff just recently came in my second package. I saw he had a Bandcamp account and listened to, "Mid-Century Modern Romance," numerous times as it is a crackling record. The first two tracks, "Find Somebody to Love," and, "Jeni," are both full of breathless energy as Elephante plays the smoothest tracks you've heard in some time and croons about trying to locate a lover and then an affection for a girl named Jeni he worries he will scare-off if he comes on too strong. A track riffing on the television show, "90 Day Fiance," suitably titled, "90 Days," is welcome too, as catchy as it is hilariously clever. "Mid-Century Modern Romance," is a masterpiece, simply put. Find out for yourself how great it is here.

5 out of 5 stars.

Burn TV--How Did I Breathe

The artist behind Burn TV actually reached-out to me via email. They'd seen my reviews of artists on Bandcamp and wondered if I would mind checking them out. I did and I liked what I heard on their one-track EP! They had an awesome music video for the song, "How Did I Breathe," they linked to as well on their Youtube and I loved its grainy and underground VHS aesthetic. The music is a bit rock, a bit noise (but not overly abrasive like some noise genre stuff), and very engaging. It's fun! Find it here at this link.

4 out of 5 stars.

I Have Four Names--Spike It EP

I reviewed an album by I Have Four Names back in my fifth edition of this series, and they've only managed to get better since. This EP is short but sweet, with the initial track, "Capital A's," being the one I found myself returning to often. It's just good, solid indie rock that smacks you in the face with its pounding drum, great guitars, and insistent-but-thoughtful lyrics. You can listen to this latest EP here.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Bryon Siren--Love/Hate

Some quiet lo-fi alternative rock entertains your ears once you start playing, "Love/Hate." The track, "Everytime," was my favorite, but everything is solidly listenable. Every song kind of hums along without offending my ears or really standing out. It's good, but not great. See what you think here.

3 out of 5 stars.

Nanny--Can't Remember Can't Forget

I don't know a ton about punk music, but I do know I generally like it when it's done well. Nanny's album, "Can't Remember Can't Forget," is great punk, for sure. The first track, "Friday, bb," is full of enthusiasm out the gate and the song, "Timeline," with its powerful drums and speedy guitar riffs is a standout track. It never gets too heavy (I'm not a heavy metal fan, usually), but does sometimes get a bit of a thick grunge vibe. I dig it. Find it here.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

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