Thursday, March 18, 2021

One Free Comic Book Day Title in Particular Looks Awesome--"Red Room," by Ed Piskor

Free Comic Book Day is happening this year, albeit with a delay. Instead of the first Saturday in May, it'll be occurring on August 14th. A number of titles were just recently announced as being the free offerings from publishers--with some still kinda secret beyond a title (whatever the, "Hulk/Venom," one is has me curious). Out of the books that were revealed as being free this year, however, I was really intrigued to see, "Red Room," by Ed Piskor. Piskor did the incredible series, "Hip-Hop Family Tree," and now with, "Red Room," Piskor describes this comic as, "A cyberpunk, outlaw, splatterpunk comic that you can't unsee once you feast your eyes on the mayhem...think of, "Red Room," as modern day E.C. Comics, infused with the dream of Black Mirror. These are subversive, stand-alone stories that are all part of a larger, twisted narrative.”

Each issue will be its own tale--with the FCBD issue being a unique story as well--and all the future issues will slowly connect in little ways as a tale is told of cyber currency, murder, and mystery. I mean, Piskor could be writing about anything and as long as he's drawing it with his amazing skill I'd read it. Apparently, the FCBD issue is more PG-13, but the regular comic will be strictly for mature readers. I'm excited to grab a copy of the free issue and then buy the regular ones as well!

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