Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Baby Yoda Toys Are Imminent

The Child AKA Baby Yoda absolutely took the internet by storm when he captured the hearts of basically anyone who watched, "The Mandalorian." He was kept a secret, however, so very few people knew about him until the show officially revealed the cute being. For that reason, it has taken some time for companies aware of the internet's favorite alien to make official Baby Yoda toys. A lot of unofficial merchandise has filled that hole, but now we are at a point where licensed Baby Yoda toys are imminent. Lego Baby Yoda, Build-a-Bear Baby Yoda, basically anything that can be sold to people demanding some cuteness in their life.

By Christmas of 2020 there will be more Baby Yoda toys, games, dolls, Funko Pops, and themed clothing than you'll be able to fit in even the roomiest man cave/she shed/baby bunker. I like Baby Yoda even if I think he's a little overexposed in memes currently, so I have no problem with this influx of stuff with the sweet critter. I just hope everyone has steeled themselves for their kids/spouses/friends hounding them to buy Baby Yoda merch as a present.

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