Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Television Tuesday: "Westworld," Season 3, You Say?

I know the series has a wide range of haters, and while I thought season 2 was everything season 1 should have been, some people actually despised it, but all of that said, I love, "Westworld." A teaser for season 3 apparently aired on HBO after the finale of, "Game of Thrones," which did not officially tie the two shows together in my proposed hilarious/crazy manner, but still managed to enrage fans. The teaser looked cool, indicating the show now takes place even more in the, "Real," world we got glimpses of in season 2 and the robots/hosts are getting a foothold outside of the parks. The teaser also says not to expect the show to return until some point in 2020, so strap-in for a long wait.

The short teaser reveals very little and doesn't even seem like it is specifically related to, "Westworld," until right at the end when a new character played by Aaron Paul runs into none other than Rachel Evan Wood as Dolores. I know I'm excited for the show's return, and if I could have one request, it would maybe just be to tone-down the habit of somewhat needlessly jumping-around back-and-forth in time so much. I know that's practically in the show's DNA at this point, but one can dream.

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