Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Television Tuesday: We're Seriously Doing This XFL Thing Again?

Back in 2018 a businessman who has worked extensively within and led the WWF (now WWE) and is known for making a lot of money off of treating his employees terribly, Vince McMahon, announced he was actually going to try and do the XFL again, despite all logic. Details were sparse other than it would be football that is rougher, faster, and players would have to stand for the Pledge because I guess the idea is, "Fuck these men and their politics who are damaging their bodies for our entertainment." Should you have been born anytime before 2001 or so you might be getting a bit of deja-vu recalling how the XFL was already a thing that happened and failed spectacularly. I'd highly recommend the ESPN documentary, "This Was the XFL," so you can see just how badly things went. Well, this whole thing is still happening with deals apparently struck to get the games aired on television and the cities set to host teams are still all-in (including Saint Louis, which if our experience with the Rams shows anything we don't need a Football when we have a perfectly great Hockey and Baseball teams)

The, "New," XFL is working its hardest to have an image of competence and respectability with a commissioner named Oliver Luck who actually seems quite smart and hard-working (also, they gave him a lot of money to toss common-sense to the side and do this). The XFL is set to start again in the spring of 2020, so with nine or so months left a whole lot still seems up in the air (team names, the exact differences in rules from the NFL, who is even playing) and I'm wondering if this will simply be a failure or an incredible failure--e.g. it crashes and burns after a couple drab seasons or implodes almost right way like the first time. I guess once the games start airing in the Spring of 2020 we'll see what happens. I'm not holding my breath for any wild success stories.

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