Sunday, May 26, 2019

Billie Eilish's Music is Terrible

Having heard the music of Billie Eilish on  the radio and blaring on the speakers at  my favorite trendy breakfast restaurants (why do the places with the best brunch play the worst pop music?), I can conclude she is terrible. Not as a human being, but her music is awful. Her whisper-singing that people act like is some new crazy idea is ripped-off wholesale from artists such as Erykah Badu, her lyrics are empty and vapid like a 14 year-old who thinks they're super-deep, and the music in her songs just is drab and droning. I admire she is open about her struggles with mental illness and has sought-help when she's needed it (she encourages others with mental illness to do so as well), but her music is still just plain bad.

For one example of why Eilish music is equivalent to aural homicide, the song, "Bury a Friend," has people raving about its minimalist sound and how creative Eilish is for having it be from the point of view of the monster under her bed. I think it just sounds like a grinding mess of barley-there audio and empty lyrics vaguely motioning at some kind of, "Statement." I don't think I've hated a new pop star's music this much since Alessia Cara and her ditties such as, "Here," that induce bleeding from the ears as she whines about not enjoying being at a lame party. Leave the damn party then, Alessia, especially if that kid throwing up all over himself is making as big of a mess as you describe!
These are some of the choice, "Amazing lyrics," from, "Bury a Friend."
I am completely aware I have complained about today's popular music before and probably come off as an out-of-touch geezer who doesn't understand what, "The kids," are into these days. You can think that, but I think there are other new (and established) artists putting out new work who are incredible and deserve a lot more attention and fame than Eilish and her inexplicably beloved songs.


  1. I'm dumfounded as to what qualifies as good today. Growing up in the 70s-80s I was exposed to multitudes of real artists will actual talent. I'm almost offended at what is acceptable and sadly applauded today. Thank God for YouTube, downloaded music and old vinyl.

  2. This has got to be some of the worst garbage I have ever heard. This is what passes for music now? Absolutely horrible.

  3. It's not really the "music" that's popular today. It's all about the video. Go back and watch the "videos" of the really good stuff from the '70s, when the video was a supplement to the music. Those videos are pretty horrible. Back then, you had to have actual MUSICAL talent to have a following. The video age ruined the music business for people who love to listen. Think about how may "artists" would never have been allowed on the radio in the last several years, if not for hard-edged and/or sexed-up videos.