Thursday, May 23, 2019

"Lorna," is Cute, Hilarious, and Immensely Distrubing

Lorna is the kind of woman who loves cats, doesn't worry too much about her appearance, and will not hesitate to kill you should you insult her. She's complicated, in other words. The new original graphic novel about her, "Lorna," is by Benji Nate and published by one of my favorite indie-publishers currently in the field of comics, Silver Sprocket. It just came out this week in stores and I actually ordered a copy from my comic-shop I will be picking-up soon. I was able to read an advance copy available to the press as well, and that is how I'm already able to share an opinion. Needless to say, I loved, "Lorna," so much I'm now even more excited to have a physical copy to call my own once I get to the comic-store.

"Lorna," follows the titular character throughout her days as an adult and includes a flashback to her high-school years that explains how she was able to make at least one friend back in the day (Norma) whom she has managed to keep despite having a tendency to threaten people with death via knives (or being an accessory to murder at times and burying a body with other chums). Lorna could easily just be a one-dimensional figure, all bluster and anger, but she isn't. Yes, when she makes a resume in an effort to find work it simply says to hire her or she'll kill you, but she does in fact have complexities.
Lorna is very gentle and sweet with cats, seeing a lot of herself in them (quiet, smart, murderous), and Lorna is an extremely loyal friend to the people she trusts. She also is against picking-on others who are simply too weak or wimpy to withstand harassment from others--in other words, anybody she pulls a knife on arguably deserves it, and even if they don't, Lorna at least thinks they do. Benji Nate illustrates everything in a way that looks equally cute and hilarious, making the incredibly disturbing and violent moments of, "Lorna," seem equally slapstick and grotesque to a delightful result.

I loved, "Lorna," and am pleased that in the book Benji Nate says she has plans to revisit the character for future stories. Lorna may not be someone you'd want to encounter in everyday life (if for no reason other than your own personal safety) but she makes for a stellar individual to read about. I rate this comic/original graphic novel an enthusiastic 5 out of 5 stars. You can find yourself a copy via Silver Sprocket's online store, ask your local comic shop to buy it via Diamond order code FEB191963, or inquire at any finer bookstores if they could get you a copy via its ISBN, 978-1-945509-34-6. I loved, "Lorna," even if I was terrified of Lorna herself, so I'd for sure recommend getting yourself this book should you like cute illustrations, cats, and murderously dark humor!

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