Monday, December 31, 2018

Large Publisher of the Year: Image--2018 in Review

Dominating the Marketplace Without Compromising Ideals
Image Comics is no longer the little publisher who could, they are the once-little publisher who did. What started as a plucky little comic company with the shocking idea to put creators first and let people actually own the rights to their creations they worked hard upon has grown into the third largest publisher around, with titles that often outsell books published by Marvel or DC. Image publishes all kinds of comics in a wide range of genres so as to appeal to a diverse array of readers, and it has paid off. Talented comic-makers continue to head on over to Image with their ideas, knowing that Image won't try to screw them over, instead helping them to have their idea achieve success.

A comic company that treats creators well is having a lot of creators make comics there which become massively popular and achieve a lot of success and sales for Image. It sounds so obvious, yet it took until the 1990's for a company to actually realize this business model (treat your talent right and you'll make money) would work. 2018 was a stellar year for Image as more and more titles sold like hotcakes. Image treats people like human beings with the right to profit off their ideas, and knows by doing so it'll make money too. The company's continued growth and success proves that giving other's respect is not only ethical, it is good for the bottom-line.

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