Wednesday, December 12, 2018

DC's Black Label Really Seems Troubled, To Say the Least

Featured last month on the cover of, "Previews,"
now delayed indefinitely a few weeks later.
DC's imprint of books called a part of the, "Black Label," sounded like a cool idea to me with a lame name when it was first announced. Then the first book came out due to everyone barely getting a glimpse of Bruce Wayne's penis DC's parent company apparently got mad, and DC went-about retooling plans for the Black Label heavily. The series, "Batman: White Knight," which was given Black Label status retroactively was supposed to have its trade paperback collection come out with some unedited artwork which included Harley Quinn nude...until it suddenly was not going to have that.  "Batman Damned," had its second issue incredibly delayed until it finally came out this week and people think they can notice certain changes were made, with my eagle-eyed friends over at Comics Heating Up noting a variety of stuff. Oh, and one book that sounded really cool, "The Other History of the DC Universe," is indefinitely delayed--e.g. it probably will be canceled and resolicited without the Black Label moniker, if at all. I hope it comes back though as the writer of it, John Ridley, is a really good storyteller whether he's doing a movie such as, "12 Years a Slave," or a comic like his, "The American Way."

The Black Label really is starting to look all but dead, serving as little more than a logo now just being given to comics that came out awhile ago under various other imprints that are now defunct (All-Star) or weren't with a particular identified, "Line." It is sad as some of the books announced as being with the Black Label now may not come out, will be heavily altered from whatever was being produced, or could find themselves under some other imprint. The Black Label clearly is suffering, and it arguably all is because of mostly-in-the-shadows penis. I imagine this tells you a lot about how messed-up America is in regards to sex and violence where our comics featuring Batman mutilating criminals are considered fine for most ages but even a hint of male anatomy results in pure havoc.

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