Monday, December 31, 2018

Family of the Year: My Family!--2018 in Review

Picture courtesy of Sigh Photo Booth, whom I've discussed before.
This year there was one family that I found to be especially noteworthy and awesome, and that is my own! Between my incredible wife, Samii, and our awesome baby-man, Clarkson, I loved spending time with them both and working at being the best possible husband and father for them, respectively. I am thankful every day that I have these two wonderful people in my life, and even though we face challenges sometimes (Clarkson being born prematurely, our own health issues, general life-stuff) we always come together and work to get through any tough times. Between my wife, son, and myself we are the family of the year in my opinion.

You of course may feel differently and believe your family was the best one in 2018, and I respect that, but in my mind there is no other family I'd want to be a part of or treasure as much as Samii and Clarkson, so I say we win family of the year. If it makes anyone reading this angry that they aren't my family of the year, just know that you all are awesome too and the, "Runner-up," position can be shared by everyone else in the world--I wouldn't trade my lady and baby for anyone else, however! This is my last post of the year and I hope everyone has a wonderful 2019 with their family--be it a family of birth, family of choice, or a mixture of the two. I know the next year will bring with it both joy and difficulties, but with my family by my side I'm ready for it!

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