Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thoughts on Marvel Teasers and Some Month of May Solicitations.

Today was a big day for announcements from Marvel, with a new "Fear Itself" teaser, an announcement about a certain super-team, and the May solicitations. Let's look it over the first two and analyze the stranger of the solicitations (note that this isn't my usual listing of what looks good or bad, just pointing out some strange items)

Another teaser for "Fear Itself" featuring a giant hammer, and yet again it has two characters that make sense and one that doesn't. The other one had Gray Gargoyle, this one has Juggernaut. Why doesn't he make sense here? Well, we have Hercules and Loki, two mythological characters, and then we have a character who is more closely related to the X-Men (despite not actually being a mutant as some story revealed, a gem gives him power or something) than anyone else--although he has been doing a decent job as a Thunderbolt. I still have no clue what exactly "Fear Itself" is about.

Alpha Flight Announcement:
Apparently at the end of "Chaos War" the team of Alpha Flight was revived, so now we have this:
Written by Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente (the same fellows who brought Alpha Flight back to life), this 8 issue mini-series will have one of those annoying .1 issues as a prelude. This should be fun for all those folk out there who love Alpha Flight, but I've never been too big a fan.

Some Thoughts On Solicitations:

 Fear Itself-Tie-Ins

Now the tie-ins for the new mega-event "Fear Itself" start to spring up. We have one for Spider-Man and another titled, "Youth In Revolt" that seems to pick up the currently unused characters from the old "Avengers: The Initiative" series as some sort of Federal team that has to fight against "Fear Itself", but because Marvel is being so coy about what exactly "Fear Itself" is about, we have no clue exactly what they are going up against. Isn't that just great.

  Avengers Academy Giant-Size #1:
 Okay, try to follow me here as even I am a bit confused. Originally there was going to be a plot with the Young Allies, Spider-Girl, and the teens from Avengers Academy going up against the villain Arcade in their respective annuals. However, with Young Allies being canceled (and Spider-Girl too, I think) things were changed and the story turned into a mini-series titled, "Arcade: Death Game." However, that was canceled too, so now we have a big one-shot taking that storyline and covering it over 80 pages or so for $7.99. Wait...how much? Yeah, I think I'm passing on Marvel's table scraps of a story they downgraded twice.

  Captain America: First Vengeance #1:
Because everyone loves movie tie-ins. We have a comic in the cannon of a movie based on a comic. Yet again, I ask, why?

Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol #1:
Really Marvel? A Christmas-themed Marvel-Zombies series--in May, no less? I thought "Marvel Zombies: Supreme" was the bottom of the barrel being scrapped, but obviously Marvel decided they would scratch up some of the rotted wood too. This is definetely going to be listed in my "What Looks Terrible" Preview's list when the official issue comes out.

  Deadpool Max #8 (of 12)
The main thing I noticed with this was that it indicated that Deadpool Max is only going for twelve issues. I don't recall that ever being listed before now as I thought it was another ongoing. Could Deadpool's popularity finally be waning to the point where he just has one ongoing series and the occasional one-shot?

  Trouble By Mark Millar Premiere HC
Someone out there is dying to read this comic which hints that Aunt May may have been Peter Paker's real mother, but because everyone hated this comic it was deemed to not be in continuity. At least they didn't go with one of the creepy picture-covers with the models who look underage and sexualized. Weird stuff.

There we go, that would be everything I thought about pointing out.

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