Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rant-Reviews--Dead Supermen, Hulk Smashes, yet more Wolverine.

Just three new reviews for today, DC Universe's first issue gets a gander, Hulk stays solid, and Wolverine isn't really the best there is when it comes to the comic I review...
DC Universe Online Legends #1
A sort of Elseworld's style tale by DC except this one is going to be spread out over a bunch of issues coming out every two weeks. The basic idea is Lex Luthor successfully takes out a bunch of superheroes including Superman but finds he is double-crossed by his co-conspirator, Brainiac. Oh, this all is related to the DC Universe Online game if you couldn't tell by the title, so it arguably helps further the narrative of a game I'm not playing--but I don't mind as I actually sort of enjoyed the story. From what I've seen of videos promoting the game there will be all sorts of time-travel and whatnot but the focus is indeed on Luthor so that should be fun as I always enjoy reading tales about him. Still, nothing too special happens as this is pretty much just an intro issue, but the art is decent and the story looks promising.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

Hulk #29
More fun smashing of giant monsters as Red Hulk (AKA Thunderbolt Ross) and Green Hulk (Bruce Banner) team up with A-Bomb (Rick Jones) to end one of MODOK's fiendish schemes to destroy the world--although a fun twist at the end reveals maybe that wasn't the true intention. Jeff Parker as always has some solid writing and I love Gabriel Hardman's artwork, but I couldn't help but feel this issue was sort of just a big build-up to the final reveal and thereby a bit empty in terms of content. Maybe I'm just annoyed because the back-up featuring The Watcher is so mediocre and makes this comic cost $3.99 (although the price will be going down, hooray![UPDATE: Actually that is for Incredible Hulks, I'm screwed on this title except for the .1 issue]). Overall a solid piece of work, but I'm more interested in what comes next than what happened.
3 out of 5 stars.

Wolverine: The Best There Is #3
Getting better by the issue, this comic seems finally be developing a point to the story. Still, if it weren't for Juan Jose Ryp's art this comic would be utterly forgettable. Thanks to his skills this comic at least looks good, despite the below-average plot that is at least now registering a pulse. It still seems like writer Charlie Huston just took a bunch of old Marvel characters who share the gimmick that they can't die, wanted a lot of bloody violence, and then made up a story as an afterthought. It's a shame as both Huston and Ryp have done some great stuff, and may very well go on to do more enjoyable works, but for now, we're stuck with this.
2.5 out of 5 stars.

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