Thursday, February 10, 2011

What I'll be Posting Throughout Today.

This is just a brief post to get everyone excited for the good stuff I have planned for today.
  1. This morning I will have a bunch of comic-book news I rounded up for you to digest as you see fit as a nice fact-breakfast. Look for that around 8AM.
  2. After that appetizer, I have a nice entree of reviews of some various comics in one of my often-done "Rant-Reviews" where I say comments about what I've read recently. Expect that around Noon as your lunch.
  3. Then, as both a dessert and to give you hungry for more from my blog, I will have my second-ever post of a "Haul Examination" where I give a list of what I got for that week of comics. The reason you stay hungry for more is because you'll want to read reviews of the new comics I list, and I even ask in my post if there are any particular comics of the ones shown you want me to get to first. This snack of a post will go up at 2PM.
  4. There will of course be one of my Friday features--either Film Friday or Flashback Friday--but I haven't yet decided what to put up for that or what time I'll aim for. Expect it anywhere from around 5PM as a dinner to close out the day, to possibly 7PM, or even as a late-night 11PM snack.
With so much stuff tomorrow you know I'm not going to really post much of anything on Saturday. I need my rest too! I hope you enjoy all the content today.

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