Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post Game Update: My Super-Bowl Predictions AKA I Make Smart-Alec Comments.

I have some reflections on my predictions that will appear in italics. Below is the article:
Today in less than six hours is the Super-Bowl. I will now share my thoughts about the game itself, and other things that don't involve actual football but do relate to the Super-Bowl. In other words, get ready for some snarky comments.
  • I would have really loved to see a Jets-Packers match-up but oh well.
  • Even though it would be nice for the Packers to win, I think the Steelers will come out on top as they have Roethlisberger, and they have some of the same guys who won the last Super-Bowl appearance by Pittsburgh not long ago. I was wrong, the Packers won despite it looking pretty close at one point. So Green Bay fans must be quite pleased.
  • The half-time show will suck because I hate the Black Eyed Peas ever since they added Fergie and went from a somewhat decent independent hip-hop group to commercial whores who make annoying pop songs. I was ready to give the performance a D, but then Usher showed up and for a brief moment I stopped feeling underwhelmed and actually was pleased. Then he disappeared, so a C.
  • The commercials will be genuinely funny 40% of the time, and annoying or lame 60% of the time. Not really that funny this time, maybe 30% were good.
  • People who paid 200 dollars to stand outside the Dallas stadium and watch the game on a big-screen in the freezing cold will realize about half-way through the game they made a really stupid choice.
  • Christina Aguilera will butcher the National Anthem with her tendency to emphasize words, making something simple like, "and the rocket's red glare," sound instead like, "annnnnnnd the rock-et's, reeeeeeed glareeee-ieeeeee-aaareee." I called this one pretty accurately.
  • Brett Farve is going to be sitting somewhere watching the game, constantly reminding people that he too used to play for the Packers before becoming a punchline for late-night talk shows who want to make jokes about his constant mind-changing about retiring or sending pictures of his junk to women. You know he bragged in-between texts during the game.
  • God will be thanked by the winning team, thereby insinuating that he hates the other team and wants to make them suffer. Was there any doubt this would occur?
  • Everyone watching will hopefully have a good time (see, not all my comments are rude).
There we go, have a fun day and don't drink and drive, because you know the police will be out in full force looking for idiots to bust.
Overall it was an exciting game and I am pleased I watched it even if the commercials were a bit disappointing this year. 

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