Friday, February 4, 2011

February 2011 Previews Part 1--What Looks Good.

Time to highlight things that look especially promising the newest Previews. As always there is plenty of consitently good stuff I don't discuss, choosing instead to focus on special issues, debuts, and things that look good. Part 2 will be the things that look terrible, and that post will probably get more views as people seem to love clicking on negative posts--although admittedly I am more funny when making fun of stupid stuff in Previews, of which there was much so stay tuned for this afternoon!

Action Comics #900, Page 74, $5.99
I know, I know, a six-dollar comic? What could be that great? Well, how about Paul Cornell's excellent Lex Luthor story reaching a climax in having Superman and Lex finally facing off after the many-issue build-up that was arguably to this moment? Oh, plus there are a bunch of guest stars? This should be off the chain, as the kids say.

Batwoman #1, Page 79, $2.99
The delayed comic with amazing art by JH Williams III finally arrives! Arguably one of the few comics where I don't care so much about the writing as I do the pretty pictures.

Bloom County: Complete Library, Volume 4, Page 163, $39.99
Bloom County was arguably my favorite comic to read growing up--although by the time I could read it was no longer coming out in newspapers so I read the various collected editions. Now, I can read every strip that was published in chronological order, with fun footnotes by the creator, Berkeley Breathed himself. I've been really enjoying seeing this series again. Now we just need an Outland collection.

Amity Blamity Book One Graphic Novel, Page 216, $10.95
I've never heard of the writer/artist, but one of the stars is a potbellied pig named Chester, who along with the little girl, Gretchen, help another individual run moonshine. How can this not be incredible?

Pood #3, Page 246, $4.50
Independent comics on a large-scale (like DC's Wednesday Comics). It has been fun and wacky, ranging from pretty art pieces, to humor pieces, and more. I've been a fan and think everyone should be checking this out.

Titmouse Volume 1 Hardcover, Page 308, $24.99
First off, I know the name is pretty silly and sounds like a porno-comic or a book for bird enthusiasts. However, as I read about this comic/magazine/book (or as they call it, "Mook") I found the description interesting. A mixture of comics, paintings, and interviews. After checking the website and seeing some of the cool art, I knew this actually sounds like it is right up my alley. It's a bit expensive, and I don't know if they had to go with a hardcover format, but for some reason this just seems really interesting to me and I have a feeling it will be awesome.

Fear Itself #1, Page 1 (of Marvel's Catalog), $3.99
The start of Marvel's big event comic with some tie-ins. I will check reviews and go from there. I hope it is good and worth the money.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity, Page 52 (of Marvels Catalog), $4.99
I liked the main series, so this one-shot should tide me over till the next volume starts coming out.

That's what looks good, if this went up at 11AM as it is supposed to, the list of what looks horrible should be posted at 1PM. I say some pretty funny things so you ought to enjoy it.

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